About Us


    The Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute (CMRPI) is a national, science-based, 501(c)3, nonprofit organization with offices in Atlanta, GA and Alameda, CA. CMRPI conducts research to prevent child sexual abuse and provides information to prevention organizations, agencies, professionals, and families to use to prevent abuse.


    To focus our scientific research on the major causes of child sexual abuse, especially in areas where early intervention can save the greatest number of children.

    To provide scientific information that supports the prevention actions of the field, especially prevention organizations, professionals, and families.


Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute
1401 Peachtree Street, Suite 140
Atlanta, GA 30309


Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute
2515 Santa Clara Avenue, Suite 208
Alameda, CA 94501
Phone: (510) 740-1410

    Please note that we are not able to respond immediately and our response time varies. If you need more immediate assistance, we suggest you email or call the Stop It Now! helpline at 1-888-PREVENT or visit www.StopItNow.org. You may also find other helpful resources under the Resources section of our website.

    If you are working on a school or university project, you are welcome to use information from our website, but we do not have the staff or resources to provide you with additional information. If you do use statistics or information from this site, please remember to provide a citation to the Child Molestation Research & Prevention Institute.

    If you are a member of the media, please call our California office at (510) 740-1410. Staff at this office will assist you.